Steel Award Entries 2018 – KRU Detailing is involved

In an industry such as the Southern African Steel Industry where everyone is preoccupied with the focus on the economy and how it needs to change, we tend to forget about our achievements in the past year.

Why is this so Important?

An achievement within the Steel Industry never gets the relevant recognition which it is supposed to unless it is entered for an award. The question that will always remain is whether or not it is necessary to go through all the trouble to enter a project based on the steep amount of paperwork and great effort connected to entering a project for an award.

Our Answer:

It is important to give the recognition to each and every individual or company involved within the project, just thanking them for all their effort, this includes the Fabricator, Engineer, Detailer, Project Manager, and even the Painter.  The reason being that each of these individuals had a role to play in the success of the project, which may from time-to-time entail some sleepless nights until the project is completed without any recognition or a pat on the shoulder to say, “Well done.”

What KRU Detailing can offer to you?

As part of our Client Service, we offer the service to exclusively you, as our client (Fabricator or Engineer) to do the entry on your behalf.  

Our service to you include: 

  • Getting the complete team involved
  • Sourcing all the information and photos for the relevant project
  • Completing the entry document on your behalf at no additional cost
  • You are only responsible for paying the entry fee

This year the Southern African Steel Institute went even further and reduced the price of an entry to an ultimate low of R 1,500.00 per entry, however for every entry you get an additional free entry. KRU Detailing is going the extra mile by offering the 1st four (4) clients who share our  blog ( will get an entry done by us, with the entry fee being covered by KRU Detailing!

Why wait to contact us today, put yourself, your projects as well as the team out there for recognition and be part of the biggest award evening in the industry.

Steel Awards 2018 – Bring it on!

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