Steel Detailing

We at KRU Detailing deliver a steel detailing service, which we accomplish using Tekla Structures as our primary tool.

Tekla Structures has a sophisticated drawing management structure which keeps track of revisions to steelwork and allows the structure to be modelled and fabricated in phases optimising shop drawing and fabrication durations. There are no limits to the size of the model and thus large projects can be presented in their entirety. This allows for the detection of soft and hard clashes throughout projects. We currently have 10 Tekla structures licenses and with 15 years of steel detailing experience.

Tekla Structures

We are currently using Tekla Structures to model projects in a 3D environment. Tesla Structures is a very versatile structural and architectural steel structure modelling system and we are able to detail most industrial and mining structures with ease with detail plate work for chutes and liner plates.
Tekla Structures is a visual 3D modeling package, that creates fabrication drawings directly from the modelled 3D steelwork.
Drawings and lists are produced from representations of the members in the model.
This method is extremely accurate allowing us to inspect the steelwork for fit and construct ability before it is fabricated.
The drawings produced are exact to the 3D model and thus the fabrication process is extremely accurate.
Required tolerances for erection are introduced during the modeling stage and no further adjustment are necessary.
We are able to customise its output to suit the fabrication style and information requirements of our client.
All drawings are issued as hard-copies and in electronic formats.
You will be issued with 3 types of drawings, which will be used during different stages of the fabrication and erection processes.
Tekla Structures is specifically designed for the detailing of steel structures and produces an array of 2D fabrication and erection drawings with accurate lists from the 3D model.

Sophisticated drawing management structure software

Tekla Structures is a visual 3D modeling package that creates fabrication drawings directly from the 3D steelwork.


KRU Detailing generally issues the following lists with the drawings:

  • Assembly Part Lists
  • Bolt Assembly List
  • Ordering Lists
  • Bolt Lists (Complete and per assembly)
  • Drawing Transmittal Lists

Other lists showing different orders and types of information are available on request and lists can also be customized to the client’s requirements, e.g.:

  • FabTrol exports
  • NC Files for profiles and plates for use in CNC machines
  • DXF Plate drawings
  • Full Size Plate templates
  • And many more…

“We have worked with KRU for 6 years and we have great co-operation and very efficient services delivered for our various projects. The staff is very helpful and accommodating.”

J Alves

“In our experience, KRU have capable detailers that have enabled them to tackle multiple complex projects simultaneously and with good turnaround times.”
M Mockford

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